About us

Pepea Africa Initiative is a Non-government Organization based in Uganda, and spread all over the East African countries. The organization was established in 2009, first registered as INTERGRATED COMMUNITY BASED HEALTH ORGANISATION (ICOBHO). The board is chaired by Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda. In 2015, the organization changed its name to PEPEA AFRICA INITIATIVE (PAI) and fully registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Registration NO: S.5914/8231) under NGO Board to seek redress to issues that had long been adversely deterring social change and transformation among the People of east Africa. PEPEA is derived from the Swahili word meaning “FLY” because we have faith that Africa can fly as a banner up in the sky; to be a light to the rest of the world. PAI is mandated to operate in all the regions of Uganda. Our main offices are however located in Kampala city, for easy coordination of activities. Collaborative alliances have been established with other organizations and institutions with similar goals and objectives across the East African region.
The organization has health programs, education, and economic empowerment / Livelihood programs. We believe the integration of these programs together is a holistic way to addressing community problems while contributing to the achievement of the SDGs. Though the Organization is based Kampala Uganda, some of its Programs and projects operate throughout the East African Countries.


“A fully educated, healthy and civilized generation in Africa and the world over, with the ability to enhance developmental change and transformation in all spheres of life”.


To be an exemplary and participatory yardstick for a holistic approach in advocacy for true change in Africa by making an impact, and creating a difference in the lives of community members we serve.


In 2017, the organization was recognized by Ministry of Education in Uganda for Its tremendous and positive contribution towards improving the quality education in school, through its Spelling Bee Project that seeks to promote literacy, and integration of Education in East Africa as a region. This project has been projected is carried out on an annual basis and every at least one country joins.

The organization has also carried out Sanitation projects in the communities specifically with a view of improving the health of people in the communities.



  • To encourage self-reliance/independence among minority groups
  • To ensure sustainable socio-economic growth for individuals especially single mothers
  • To provide community health care insurance and other basic health care services to the marginalized and economically challenged members of the community
  • Provision of sustainable agricultural services through consultancy to community members
  • To enhance entrepreneurship technical skills among the minority and marginalized groups
  • To provide a great learning experience to the international community about Africa and African culture
  • To promote peace in Ugandan and Africa at large