Organizational structure

Organizational structure;
Pepea Africa initiative is structured in such a way that gets the organization divided into two main segmentations that give way for organizational growth and development. It is composed of the board of directors as well as the secretariat.
The board of directors
The board is headed by Rt Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga. The board is assigned with the responsibility of overseeing the organizational progress. It offers strategic missionary advice that enables PAI to meet its set goals and objectives.
In addition, it is responsible for board negotiations in funding and donor outsourcing, as well as organizational connectivity to potential development partners.
The board is comprised of five members that include the chairperson board, vice chairperson, general secretary, treasurer, and publicity.
The Secretariat
This is the operational department of the organization responsible for running the day to day activities of the organization. It is led by the executive director who is also the secretary to the board, supported by various staff members allocated in different departments of finance and administration, programme coordination and management, human resources and procurement department with a wide experience in organization’s activities aimed at implementing the strategies to realize the visionary goals and objectives.

1. Rt.Hon  Rebecca Kadaga 
Speaker of Parliament of  Uganda
Chairman Board of Directors for the East Africa Spelling Bee
2. Dr.wekesa Wechuli Anthony
Director Pepea Africa