Community Development

As an organization we aim to encourage community development through advocacy and lobbying for self help projects among the communities’ vulnerable/ minority. Some of the projects include farming, art and craft. We step in to provide consultancy and additional value to the products  to provide steady income for the community members. These projects are to encourage independence and avoid risks of over dependence on foreign aid.

We target areas and people with special needs, that is, the most marginalized and underprivileged communities. These include institutions such as schools (rural, for the disabled, for the visually impaired,…). We create awareness for these groups of people that are vital and valuable in society and yet are most vulnerable. Their voices have been under looked and suppressed over time.

We provide a free and open door for volunteers. Everybody is welcome to volunteer with us, there’s no special skill required just a willingness to make a difference in someone’s life.

We learn from these communities we serve.Their perseverance and attitude to life is an inspiration to us. With little they still have big smiles and beautiful hearts.