PEPEA Africa Initiative is established upon four foundational pillars that form its operational mission as its interventional objective to the psychosocial problems in educational, health and social welfare perspectives. These pillars include; The Educational transformation programme, The Health promotion programme, Social capacity building and empowerment programme as well as Lobbing and Advocacy.In regard to educational transformation, this organization mainly focuses on early child growth and development through a number of projects so as to enable them address their educational needs and requirements. It targets children aged between 4-7, as well as those of 8-15 years from Public, Private and Special Needs Schools. Pepea Africa Initiative spearheaded efforts to rekindle children’s love of reading and literacy through Projects like the Spelling Bee, Bumble Bee and the specific for children with visual impairment, a unique intervention that incorporates fun in learning, promotes socialization, helps to develop children’s confidence, presentation and cognitive abilities and thus positively shaping their attitudes for life as well as enabling them to stay in school longer.

The health programme focuses on matters of public health and sanitation, reproductive health, situational health camps establishment, awareness campaigns against sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS as well as Home based care nursing illustrated through TOSHA home NURSING CARE with a team of professional nurses to provide a complete range of nursing services. Founded on the basis of improving and sustaining the quality of life for the sick, disabled, elderly and new mothers in the comfort and familiarity of the patient’s home environment. This includes medical care, general nursing, disease and wound management as well as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, consultancy and guidance, to help facilitate the continuity of patient care by providing customized compassionate care service. While still in hospitals and after discharge. This is aimed at ensuring a healthy and lively society that can meet general and specific goals and objectives in community growth and development.
The social capacity building and empowerment seeks out the marginalized persons to create hope, developmental aspirations, self-sustainability such as talent identification and development. In this, we focus on challenge-solution orientation in society. Operational target is put on Ending gender based violence, prevention of early girl child marriages, Single mothers’ self-help groups which helps the ever growing number of desperate single mothers trying to make ends meet in households with irresponsible or no fathers/father figures, capacity building to young persons that have dropped out of school as well as promotion of creativity and innovation in “hands on” perspective and generic talents, skills and abilities development.

Pepea Africa Initiative in its lobbing and advocacy programme, also emphasises mobilization of government arms of justice and legal affairs as well as government (ministries, commissions and departments) in East Africa, civil society organizations and other stakeholders world over, in formulation, modification and implementation of the laws, policies and regulations that protect, defend and preserve the plight of the vulnerable persons including the youth, women, the elderly and those with disabilities among the east African states.