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We are full-time nursing service provider, with a team of professional nurses to provide a complete range of nursing services. This includes medical care, general nursing, disease and wound management as well as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, consultancy and guidance.

Going beyond nursing

Tosha care is founded on the basis of improving and sustaining the quality of life for the sick, disabled, elderly and new mothers in the comfort and familiarity of the patient’s home environment.

Our Mission
Putting your conveniences as our priority by ensuring each of our patients receives the most comprehensive personalized nursing care to enable them to achieve their Best potential in recovery, rehabilitation and subsequently enjoy the Best quality of life.

To help facilitate the continuity of patient care by providing customized compassionate care service. while still in hospitals and after discharge


To build a strong, dedicated and compassionate team of nursing professionals to provide not only the needed nursing services, but also knowledge and emotional support to assist and guide patients’ families.

Our Core Values are geared towards attaining the following:

Improving and sustaining the quality of life for the sick, disabled, elderly and new mothers.
Providing personalized quality healthcare service that’s compassionate, accommodating and all-encompassing.
Facilitating patient rehabilitation and empowerment through physical assistance, psychological support and emotional development.
Encouraging the active participation of caregivers and family members through a comprehensive consultation, knowledge-sharing, and continuous education.
Guiding and assisting patients’ families and providing them with the necessary knowledge and emotional support for the good of the patients.

Full and comprehensive nursing

We offer a full and comprehensive range of medical and nursing services, enabling us to care for patients no matter their ailment. Our highly-trained nurses provide wide-ranging services including medical care, general nursing, disease and wound management as well as
Unlike other nursing services that specialize, we have the capability to care for all kinds of home care patients. We care for the sick, disabled, elderly and new mothers. We are also one of the few organizations that have qualified nurses to take care of HIV patients.
Round-the-clock availability

Our team of professional nurses provides care every day of the year without fail. We are always available whenever our patients and their families need us. With the 24/7 supervision of HNP’s qualified nurses, patients reduce the risk of relapsing or deteriorating during post-hospitalization.
Cost effective

Our patients find care at home to be a more cost effective alternative to hospitalization. Mobile nursing removes the cost of transporting patients to hospitals simply by bringing care to them. Mobile nursing also removes the cost of renting hospital beds by providing care in the patient’s own home. For family members who need to be at work, mobile nursing relieves them of the burden of round-the-clock care, while giving them peace of mind.
Compassionate service

We select our nurses for their dedication, their professionalism as well as their care and concern for patients. So you can always be assured of the best service for you and your family


Consultation &Education

To help cope with stress and anxiety and to make informed decisions, we provide expert guidance, training and medical information to both patient and family members. With deeper understanding of medical situations often comes expedited recovery.

Our consultation and education services take place at the convenience of the patient and the family at home or in the hospital:

House- call consultation.
Nursing assessment.
Care-giver training and supervision.( drug admission, specialized care for those in ICU )
Medical advisory.
Passive exercise
Bed bathing ( for those who cant do it for them selves )
Hospital picks and drop offs( we pick you and take you to the hospital for your DRs appointment
Yoga classes to free your mind
Nutritional advise

Professional Nursing
We provide various nursing services for clients who need professional support in the care and management of a patient at home, regardless of age and illness.

In addition, for post-hospitalization care, we provide a variety of medical nursing services as ordered by the doctor or surgeon to help patients cope and recover effectively.

Feeding and dietary supervision.
Bathing and personal grooming.
Personal space cleanliness.
Hygiene management and lavatory usage.
Geriatric Care.
Pediatric Care.
Simple and complex bandaging.
Care and dressing of intravenous catheter.
Enteral feeding through intravenous catheter.
Urethral catheterization.
Care and dressing of suprapubic tubes.
Nutritional advise
Sample collection

Mobilization, physiotherapy &Rehabilitation

Bed bathing ( for those who cant do it for them selves )
Hospital picks and drop offs( we pick you and take you to the hospital for your DRs appointment
Yoga classes to free your mind
Whether the patient is recovering from an operation, an accident or a condition, our highly-experienced therapists will help the patient regain strength, flexibility, self-confidence and motor skills as required.

They have the dedication and sensitivity to assist recovery with dignity in the privacy and convenience of the patient’s home. We offer a multitude of rehabilitation services in the following areas:

Manual lymphatic drainage massage.
Integrated mobilization programme.
Individual mobilisation service.(yoga)