Single Mothers Self Help

Uganda and Africa in general have a growing number of single mothers due to divorce, forced and early marriages, teenage pregnancies, death of husbands (widows) among others. PAI realized that they need to work and arn a living so as to take care and provide for their children and therefore it came up to help them through

  1. Training them in acquiring practical professional skills in catering, bakery, arts and crafts making, brick laying among others. This helps them start up their small scale businesses in order to arn income so that they take care of their children by providing them with the basic needs of life.
  2. PAI also trains them in acquiring practical business skills to enable their small scale businesses grow to survive. PAI through its partners trains them in business planning, business operations, marketing and sales tactics, saving skills etc. so that also learn to plan for the future as well as arn a daily income for survival.